The first annual MCBS Summer Social

Saturday 28th August ⬩ 17:00 ⬩ Wax Chandlers' Hall, London


Pale Ale by Pinnora Brewing

Marris Otter, Torrified Wheat, Flaked Oats, CaraPils


Citra® and Idaho7


Lalbrew Verdant IPA™ 


Gluten (Barley, Wheat, Oats) 

Lesser Light was brewed to be an easy-drinking session IPA. In usual Pinnora style, we had to ramp the abv up just enough to balance out the heavy hop doses of Citra & Idaho-7 and to give a sweet but well-rounded juicy tropical body. Expect notes of grapefruit and passion fruit with a hint of pineapple on the nose. We settled on a malt-bill, and final gravity, which would offer a decent mouthfeel, but had to compromise on a near-sessionable 5.2% finish.

But why the name?

Lesser Light is a tribute to our good friend Stanley, Beadle at Wax Chandlers’ Hall and the host of the inaugural MCBS Social. The Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers is one of the oldest livery companies of the City of London and is known historically as merchants of beeswax – often used in candle making. We therefore settled on the term Lesser Light to not only reference these candles but also the relevance the lesser lights have in Freemasonry (we are told that one represents the sun, one the moon, and one the Master of the lodge “because as the sun rules the day and the moon governs the night, so should the Worshipful Master rule and govern his lodge with equal regularity”). 

And just for good measure, we also felt that Lesser Light also symbolised the Session Pale Ale style well, being that Pinnora rarely produce beers below 6% abv, we felt that this beer was a Lesser Light when compared to our usual big hitting DIPAs and New England beers.